Mar 22, 2024 | News Story

AFL-CIO Hosts First-Ever Lobby Day Centered on Women's Issues in the Workforce

The national AFL-CIO this week hosted the first-ever AFL-CIO lobby day exclusively centered on women’s issues in the workforce and beyond. Union organizers, AFL-CIO state and local leaders including CLC Secretary-Treasurer and UFT VP for Academic High Schools Janella Hinds came together for a jam-packed day featuring roundtables with the Labor and Democratic Women’s Caucus, labor and trade leaders in the White House, as well as meetings with Senators from across the country. The labor movement is the largest organization of working women in America, who are not letting anyone tell them the issues they fight for — equal pay, child care, reproductive rights — are just ‘side issues.’ These are core protections everyone should have, plus the power of a union.