May 10, 2024 | News Story

MFJ Union Presses City Council for Funding Freeze Amid Strike

This week, Mobilization for Justice (MFJ) Union members testified before the City Council, advocating for a suspension of city funding until the resolution of the 73-day strike. During the General Welfare Committee hearing, Union members alleged that the Human Resources Administration (HRA), a major MFJ funder, has allowed Management to extend the strike by disregarding contractual obligations that mandate the organization to accept new cases. During the strike, MFJ ceased intake operations and asked HRA to divert new cases to other nonprofit providers.

MFJ received more than $9 million from HRA’s Universal Access to Counsel (UAC) program last year, as part of its $25.2 million revenue. MFJ Management repeatedly informed the Union's bargaining team that the organization would not receive the 3% per year cost of living adjustment (COLA) announced by Mayor Adams in March. However, during questioning under oath by Deputy Speaker Diana Ayala, DSS Commissioner Molly Park confirmed that legal service workers funded through HRA contracts are included in the COLA.

“For months, Management has insisted that HRA would not provide us with a 3% annual COLA. Commission Park’s confirmation further discredits Management’s PR spin that workers are asking for what the organization can’t afford,” said Ella Abeo, a MFJ Union Bargaining Team Member and Bronx Housing Paralegal. Read more here, and read more about the ongoing strike in NonProfit Quarterly.