Jun 7, 2024 | News Story

Harper's Magazine Staff to Form Union with UAW 2110

The employees of Harper's Magazine announced this week that they are forming a union with UAW Local 2110. In a statement, workers expressed that they believe that organized labor is a necessary next step for the 174-year-old publication—the oldest general-interest monthly in the country—and in that spirit have presented management with a request for voluntary recognition.

"The endurance of Harper's—never lapsing for even so much as an issue—is thanks to the efforts of generations of workers who felt, as we do now, ardent about sustaining the magazine's record of excellence. We still believe in our age-old mission, and want to support it by pursuing better working conditions collectively," they write.

"We ask that management now help us to establish a more equitable, inclusive, and transparent workplace, one in which we are provided with fair salaries and overtime, a safe and salutary working environment, access to fair grievance procedures and due process, and basic job security. As our industry faces unprecedented turbulence, we want only to safeguard our future, and that of the magazine, against those forces that threaten to corrode the viability of print journalism." Read more and follow the new Harper's Magazine Union here.