NYC CLC Executive Board Resolutions

October 2019

NYC CLC Passes Resolution Against Outsourcing of City Auto Mechanics

At the October 2019 NYC CLC Executive Board meeting, the CLC approved a resolution, in solidarity with SEIU Local 246, calling upon the City of New York to hire more Auto Mechanics that will reduce the Auto Mechanic-to-Vehicle ratio, and thereby lead to all maintenance and repair work being performed inhouse by SEIU Local 246 Auto Mechanics. The New York City Central Labor Council will encourage all member unions to individually stand with SEIU Local 246 until all privatization has stopped.

Adopted: October 8, 2019

NYC CLC Passes Resolution Supporting the Workers on Strike at GM

Nearly 50,000 UAW GM autoworkers are striking to demand fair wages, a fair share of profits for workers, a path to permanent employment for temporary workers, affordable health care, and job security. The NYC CLC and the broader NYC Labor Movement are shoulder-to-shoulder and prepared to support the members of UAW in their fight against General Motors and the future of the American Labor Movement.

Adopted: October 8, 2019

NYC CLC Approves Resolution In Support of Nail Salon Workers Organizing Campaign

There are more than 35,000 nail salon workers in New York, the vast majority of these workers are women of color and immigrants and paid a subminimum wage.

The NYC Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, endorses the Campaign for Health, Dignity and Justice for Nail Salon Workers with the NY NJ Regional Joint Board; and supports legislation that will raise standards for all workers in the industry and will ensure that all businesses are held to fair and equitable standards.

Adopted: October 8, 2019

May 2019

NYC CLC Passes Resolution Condemning the Defamatory Actions of the MTA

At the May 2019 NYC CLC Executive Board meeting, the CLC unanimously approved a resolution condemning the recent actions of MTA Chairman Patrick Foye and MTA Board Finance Committee Chair Larry Schwartz for their unfounded accusations of criminal conduct, the MTA invasion of the workplace by an armed police force, and the insidious attempt by the MTA to pit the taxpaying general public against the workers of the MTA.

Last week, in a raw and calculated political stunt, Schwartz called a special meeting of the MTA Board and baselessly accused MTA workers of criminal conduct in connection with overtime. Additionally, the MTA effectively declared a war on working people by having armed police squads invade MTA worksites, intentionally creating an image of the MTA workforce as a criminal population despite the fact that it is the management and supervisors who direct the workforce to do overtime to complete the work required to keep the system moving. In fact, it was MTA Management who specifically bargained for elimination of the overtime caps in the collective bargaining agreements for NYC Transit workers in the interests of avoiding the pension and health costs of full-time workers, which had the direct effect of creating the overtime need for which they are now blaming the workers.

With this resolution, the New York City Central Labor Council declares that it will not stand by while the MTA and its Board defame working people in the press and attack hardworking members in their workplaces to protect their own short-term political interests. Read the full text of the resolution here, and watch video of TWU International President John Samuelson responding to the attacks at last week's special meeting here.

Adopted: May 16, 2019

February 2019

In Support of Labor Involvement in the 2020 Census

​The Executive Committee of the New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, unanimously passed a resolution regarding the upcoming 2020 federal census. The resolution recognizes that an inaccurate census—such as the one that took place in 2010 undercounting an estimated 200,000 people across NYC—denies miscounted persons fair and equal representation in government, including allocation of federal funds for health, education, transportation and many other programs. The Council resolves that it will take steps to ensure labor representation on local Census Count Committees; help recruit members for Census Bureau positions at all levels; and work in partnership with labor, civil rights advocacy groups, community-based organizations and local government on a campaign to ensure a full, and fair census. ​

Adopted: February 21, 2019

November 2018

In support of the Campaign for Postal Banking

The Executive Board has resolved that the CLC endorses and supports the "Campaign for Postal Banking," including the ongoing efforts to compel the Postal Service to provide basic financial services such as paycheck cashing and electronic funds transfer as a step toward establishing nonprofit, public postal banking.

Adopted: November 15, 2018

Protecting the Public Safety and Jobs in the Age of Autonomous Vehicles in the New York City Public Transit System

The Executive Board resolved that the CLC stands in opposition to the introduction of autonomous buses into NYC; that if they are introduced it should occur only if and when they are proven to operate safely for passengers, pedestrians, and other vehicles; and that we will not accept any job losses among NYC transit bus operators as the result of such an introduction. The board emphasized that the CLC is not opposed to the introduction of technology that can make public transit buses even safer by equipping them with cameras, sensors and wireless technology to prevent collisions, with the understanding that there are safety gaps that only a human operator can fill.

Adopted: November 15, 2018