NYC CLC Executive Board Resolutions

November 2018

“In support of the Campaign for Postal Banking”

The Executive Board has resolved that the CLC endorses and supports the "Campaign for Postal Banking," including the ongoing efforts to compel the Postal Service to provide basic financial services such as paycheck cashing and electronic funds transfer as a step toward establishing nonprofit, public postal banking.

Adopted: November 15, 2018

“Protecting the Public Safety and Jobs in the Age of Autonomous Vehicles in the New York City Public Transit System”

The Executive Board resolved that the CLC stands in opposition to the introduction of autonomous buses into NYC; that if they are introduced it should occur only if and when they are proven to operate safely for passengers, pedestrians, and other vehicles; and that we will not accept any job losses among NYC transit bus operators as the result of such an introduction. The board emphasized that the CLC is not opposed to the introduction of technology that can make public transit buses even safer by equipping them with cameras, sensors and wireless technology to prevent collisions, with the understanding that there are safety gaps that only a human operator can fill.

Adopted: November 15, 2018