Health Care

Health care is a basic human right.  America’s labor movement has worked for more than a century for guaranteed high-quality health care for everyone.  The Affordable Care Act is a historic milestone on this journey, but we still have a long way to go.

America must continue moving forward toward a more equitable and cost-effective health care system. Moving forward means working with employers to demand health care payment and delivery reforms to control costs, allowing people of all ages to buy into the equivalent of Medicare through a public plan option and allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices.  Of course, the most cost-effective and equitable way to provide quality health care is through the social insurance model (“Medicare for All”), as other industrialized countries have shown. 

The worst thing we could do is move backward by repealing the Affordable Care Act or its key provisions; privatizing Medicare or turning it into a voucher program; raising the Medicare eligibility age; increasing Medicare co-pays and deductibles or otherwise cutting Medicare benefits; or taxing employment-based health care benefits. 

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Nov 12, 2021 | News Story

Student workers including undergraduate and graduate teaching and research assistants at Columbia University are wrapping up the second week of their strike, the second-largest in the country.

Nov 16

Tomorrow at noon, members of the Times Guild, Times Tech Guild, and Wirecutter Union are joining forces to call on The Times to respect their unions and stop union busting.

Nov 5, 2021 | News Story

More than 500 Warrior Met Mineworkers brought their picket line from Alabama to Manhattan this week, and the New York City Labor Movement was out in force to welcome them.

Oct 29, 2021 | News Story

This week, more than 250 Breaking Ground workers officially joined AFSCME District Council 37. Their unionization follows voluntary recognition from management, which was reached earlier this month.

Oct 29, 2021 | News Story

UAW members mourned the death this week of Richard Rich, a 56-year-old member of Milan, Ill, Local 79, who was a 15-year employee at the Milan John Deere Parts Distribution Plant in Moline, Ill. He was struck in a traffic accident and fatally injured while walking to the picket line.

Nov 4

1,100 Alabama Mineworkers have been on strike since April 1st; the bosses have put them through hell, but they’re not backing down. Join these brave workers as they bring the fight to BlackRock’s front door!

Oct 22, 2021 | News Story

New York oil workers fired by John Catsimatidis in retaliation for their strike for equal pay rallied Tuesday alongside local elected officials, Teamsters, and other union supporters outside the billionaire’s Midtown office. Workers from the Catsimatidis-owned United Metro Energy Corp.

Oct 22, 2021 | News Story

A supermajority of eligible employees at INCLUDEnyc have announced their intention to form a union with the Office and Professional Employees Union (OPEIU) Local 153.

Oct 22, 2021 | News Story

The Legal Services Staff Association, NOLSW/UAW 2320 (LSSA), has settled its union contract with employer Legal Services NYC (LSNYC). With 90% of members participating, the contract was ratified by 80% voting yes.

Oct 15, 2021 | News Story

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees International President Matthew Loeb announced this week that unless an agreement is reached, union members will begin a nationwide strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) on Monday, October 18 at 12:01 a.