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Apr 28, 2017 | News Story
Today, workers gathered together to commemorate Workers’ Memorial Day with a Day of Action  remembering workers who lost their lives on the job over the past year, and recommitting to the fight for workplace safety. The day began at 7 am at Queens Plaza North & 29th Street, where construction and building service workers called out the names of deceased workers, and placed flowers in their...
Apr 21, 2017 | News Story
This week, Spectrum/Time Warner workers, members of IBEW Local 3, remain on strike. Approximately 1,800 workers walked off the job on March 28 after Charter Communications refused to bargain in good faith, attempting to slash benefits by halting their contributions to workers’ pension and medical plans. Additionally, Charter/Spectrum has unfairly disciplined workers for repeat service calls from...
Apr 21, 2017 | News Story
This week, the NYC CLC partnered with the National AFL-CIO to present a 'Know Your Rights' Workshop to trade unionists.  Attendees included officers and rank and file members from the building and construction trades, retail industry, warehouse workers, nail salon workers, public sector employees, and many other industries representing the diverse workforce of the city of NY. For more information...
Apr 4, 2017 | News Story
This afternoon we stood with the Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York to commemorate 100 years of service protecting the men and women of New York City, and to remember the hardworking firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. "On behalf of the NYC labor movement, we thank the Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York for 100 years of service...
Apr 3, 2017 | News Story
Lonnie R. Stephenson, International President, IBEW IBEW International President Lonnie R. Stephenson was born and raised in Rock Island, Ill., which borders Iowa along the Mississippi River. He began his apprenticeship as an inside wireman in 1975 and was initiated into Rock Island Local 145 in 1976. 
Apr 3, 2017 | News Story
Harry Nespoli, President, Teamsters Local 831 Harry Nespoli is the second of three children born to Ferdinando and Mary (Macchio) Nespoli.  He was raised in Brooklyn, N.Y.  For the past 48 years Harry, has had the support and love of his wife Florence.  He is a devoted father of his three children, Lynn, Tara and Todd, his daughter-in law Elysia, his son-in laws Matthew and Michael, and his four...
Apr 3, 2017 | News Story
RAP is an organization of retail workers organizing for better standards and opportunities in the retail industry. RAP’s growing membership network of over 2,000 workers is a voice for retail workers employed by major retailers across the industry, ranging from bargain chains to high-end, luxury department stores.
Mar 31, 2017 | News Story
As of Tuesday morning, 1,800 Local #3 IBEW members at Charter/Spectrum Communications are out on strike. The workers have been without a contract for two years, and now the company is, among other things, trying to pull out of the current pension and medical plan, which they have been part of for 40 years.
Mar 30, 2017 | News Story
Bertha Aiken is the Director of Training and Education for Teamsters Local 237. She credits her love for teaching to the time she spent at the NYPD, where she was responsible for preparing/guiding and nurturing young men and women in how to best protect and serve the people of New York City.
Mar 28, 2017 | News Story
Patricia White is President of New York City Theatrical Wardrobe Union, IATSE Local 764, and sits on the NYC CLC Executive Board. Pat has been an IATSE member since 1986 when she joined ACT as a wardrobe employee. She transferred into Theatrical Wardrobe Union Local 764 on April 24, 1989, where she has served as a trustee and officer since 1995. Pat is currently the President of Local 764, which...