Retirement Security

Fewer employers today provide defined-benefit pensions for their workers—and among those that do, many are offering “defined-contribution” (like 401[k]s) rather than traditional “defined-benefit” pension plans.

That’s why Social Security insurance is essential for millions of retirees. Nearly two-thirds of retirees count on Social Security for half or more of their retirement income and for more than three in 10, Social Security is 90 percent or more of their income. It is a safety net that keeps retirees out of poverty.

It’s also important to figure out what you will need to retire. Talking a look at how much Social Security will provide, whether you have another form of pension and how much you spend are all components in determining when you can retire.

For decades, workers achieved retirement security because their retirement income flowed from a combination of employer-provided pensions, Social Security and personal savings. But the recession has exposed the severe deficiencies in our retirement system. We need to develop a new way to provide workers with lifetime retirement security beyond Social Security.

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After losing salary increases and money in their savings accounts during the hardship of a pandemic, Vox Media employees now face record inflation and soaring cost-of-living expenses.

Jun 25

Saturday, June 25, 2-4PM:  This commemoration / celebration in Columbus Park (the location of the 1982 rallies) will include music, dance, children’s activities and veterans speaking about the strike.

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Teachers and staff at Blue School held a one-day strike on Tuesday, May 24, after the School, an independent school founded by Blue Man Group in Lower Manhattan, announced that it will refuse to recognize their union. The School’s refusal is in defiance of a bargaining order issued by the NLRB.

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Contracts approved this week will guarantee, for the first time, that soccer players representing the United States men’s and women’s national teams will receive the same pay when competing in international matches and competitions.

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The Buzzfeed News Union voted unanimously on Friday to ratify their first union contract with the company. This past March, over 91% of the unit voted in favor of a strike amidst announcement of proposed cuts at the company.

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Across the country, we are seeing a great resurgence in worker organizing. Workers are striking in record numbers and winning uphill battles against corporate giants.

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North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) and Ørsted, the U.S. leader in offshore wind energy, announced a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) to construct the company’s U.S. offshore wind farms with an American union workforce.

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Workers at the Starbucks in Caesar's Bay Shopping Center in Bath Beach, Brooklyn won their NLRB election unanimously with a result of 17-0.

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Actors’ Equity Association has opened a grievance against the licensors of the musical Waitress for double-breasting – profiting from union and non-union workers at the same time.

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More than 150 staff from the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), other non-profit organizations, CWA Local 1180, politicians, and supporters joined together for a virtual Zoom rally in support of NDWA staff unable to secure a contract with management after an entire year.